Friday, 25 March 2011

All’s quiet on the baby front.

When people ask me how the pregnancy is going I don’t have a lot to tell them, and when they look disappointed with the lack of news I remind them that a dull pregnancy is a good pregnancy. 

A couple of days ago we had another lightening fast visit to the midwife’s office, and as lovely as our midwife is (seriously, where do they find these amazing women?) I was incredibly grateful for the brevity of our visit - I’m sure all expectant parents are the same, but I feel like I’m some sort of information hungry worry-beast, any indicator of any news at all connected to this baby seems to quell one fear and spawn a handful of others.  If our midwife didn’t keep our visits so gloriously brief I’d be tempted to ask her any one of the hundreds of daft questions I have spinning round my head.  It’s not like I think she wouldn’t give me answers, in fact I’m sure she’d take pretty much any interrogation with good natured geniality.

So there you have it; all is well, Em’s blood pressure is great (which for some reason I’m dead proud of) and the next big step will be the twenty week scan, and by this time (the midwife has assured us) the baby will be too big to hide from us!

Monday, 14 March 2011

Instant calmer.

Please forgive that rubbish play on 'Instant Karma'...

This may be the shortest post I make here, but it's about one of the biggest impacts fatherhood is having on my life at the moment.  I'm talking about the instant calm that putting a hand on Em's tiny little bump instils in me.  It doesn't matter how stressed I am with work, how distracted my mind is with anything at all, a few moments of my hand on that tummy and perspective wraps around me like a giant hug rug.  The baby is too small to be felt from 'outdoors' yet, but every time Em and I make that connection we get a little closer to each other.  Apart from when my hand is cold...