Sunday, 5 June 2011

Hiccups, kicks and every lottery on earth

So far in this pregnancy I’ve confirmed more cliches than I’ve debunked, and this post will be no different...

For the last few weeks I’ve been (not very) patiently waiting to feel the first bit of movement from the baby; Em has been feeling jiggles and wiggles for weeks, and often stops what she’s doing to look into the middle distance before quietly announcing that ‘baby is awake now’.  But due to the placenta being at the front (apparently) there hasn’t been much movement for me to get excited about.

A couple of nights ago I was laying my fat head on Em’s (now sizable) ‘pummy’ (and trying to figure out if the noises I was hearing were the result of the baby moving or whether I was listening to Em’s supper taking its natural course through her increasingly space-restricted innards) and ‘pummy’ jumped.  I looked up at my cutey-wife and gave her sympathy for what I assumed was her hiccups, and that’s when my life changed a little more, and that tiny little twitch made my life even richer than it already is.  So what am I getting at? Well it turned out Em didn’t have hiccups, but the baby did!

I’m struggling to find the words I need to describe how giddy feeling those hiccups made me feel, so I’ll force a  bizarre analogy on you instead - when I felt baby hiccup it felt like I’d won the lottery.  So this morning when I was laying hands on pummy (I’m getting a bit obsessed, poor Em!) and I felt TWO very definite kicks it felt like I’d won everyone lottery on earth and been declared supreme overlord of the entire galaxy, but in spite of all the lottery money and ruler-ship NONE of it mattered at all, all that matters is that tiny little double kick...

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