Sunday, 3 March 2013

Issy at 1.5 years old - Enormobaby

Tomorrow Issy will be eighteen months old. She weighs 12.6kg and is 82cm tall. She is chatty and can make her needs and opinions reasonably clearly known.

She likes dancing and sometimes sings herself little songs. We do get instead tantrums but they don't last more than a few seconds and she doesn't hold a grudge.

Yesterday we tried a weeride bike seat for the first time, and despite the fact it is alleged to be for an age range that should comfortably accommodate our girl she appears to be too large for it!

This week Issy went to the toddlers group in Wickham Market with my mum, she also went swimming for the first time. At both groups folk commented that Issy was considerably taller than the other children of her age. We've raised an Enormobaby.

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