Thursday, 23 February 2012

Weaning day 1 - oh the humanity!

This isn't weaning strictly speaking, the wee one is still a breast milk fan, but for a long time now Issy has been fascinated by whatever it is we happen to be shovelling down our gob-holes at each meal so we decided to start introducing her to food.

I was going to write a paragraph about how cautious we're being here, but I think it's quite evident that we know how to look after our daughter's well-being so rest assured all is well.

One of the main guidelines for this exercise (according to the book my wife read) is to make the whole exercise seem quite normal, and a big part of this is NOT laughing at the youngling while she's tearing her food to shreds and running her own personal experiments into the viscosity and spreadability of various foodstuffs.  Not tittering while Issy smears food anywhere she can is hard enough, but it's almost impossible to keep from belly-laughing when Issy's face betrays her opinion of the taste any of any morsels that actually manage to make it to her mouth.

Have a look at these photos from Issy's first proper food adventure and I'm sure you'll understand why we're struggling to keep straight faces at meal times.

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