Friday, 5 October 2012

Quick update on parenting progress

The NCT classes were pretty good but they don't prepare you for running around after a naked one year old pleading with her to put a nappy on because you KNOW she's in need of a wee and is favouring your cream coloured carpets as a testing ground for trying to walk while farting, and you just know that each fart reduces the time margin till one of those odd tricolore poos falls out, and then you'll have to be damn quick or she'll pick it up, or post it through the catflap, where it will land in your slipper that was posted through just a few minutes ago, swiftly followed by the TV remote / wallet / panicking elderly cat.

Dear lord why the hell do we have so many light coloured furnishings, we've had cats for fifteen years! Same cats too, my god they're old, nice though. I've gone a bit off point here, but that's because I haven't slept much FOR A YEAR!

On the whole though yes, those little magnum ice creams are probably better than fab lollies.

*falls of chair, falls asleep*

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