Thursday, 27 January 2011

An early start for a lifetime of discoveries

Written 17th January 2011

This morning Em started calling the doctor’s surgery at about 8am, which is a standard time to start a campaign for an appointment at the practice we’re registered with.  Actually that’s unfair, our practice is excellent and there’s always an appointment when you need one.  We couldn't see our usual doctor (a male doctor that we have both been seeing since we were 18 years old) so we saw a very friendly and calming lady doctor at the surprisingly early time of 10am.

After Em sensed that I was making rambling introduction to the doctor so she came out with it and said she thought she was pregnant.  The doctor asked if we had tried a home pregnancy test, we said yes, and she said ‘in that case you’re pregnant’.  It was a bit more straight forward than either of us were expecting, all apart from when we started doing the sums for the due date and it would appear that my darling wife may already be three months pregnant!

The doctor had a very gentle feel of Em’s tummy and asked he she had noticed it changing shape, Em said no, I said yes.  I’m really trying not to brag or boast, but it would appear I really did know Em was pregnant long before it was confirmed, and a few weeks before even she suspected it!

This is all starting to feel very real, but after seeing the doctor I’m losing my sense of panic and replacing it with a sense of duty.  We’re seeing the midwife on Thursday, and there will most likely be a scan soon after that.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a bit pensive, but that’s probably more to do with me wanting to make sure Em and the baby are okay.  Then we can tell our parents that they’re officially old sounding now we’re going to make them grandparents, and I know that they’re support and encouragement is going to make all the difference to all of us.

As far as names are concerned Em isn’t against my idea of giving a boy a Welsh name like ‘Nye’, but she has vetoed my hope of calling a girl ‘Lettie’.  She quite likes the Victorian idea of naming girls after flowers, but dismissed as ridiculous my idea that we could name a girl ‘Chrysanthemum’.  I’m sure this the first of many occasions that our unborn child will be forever thankful that Em is the sensible one in this marriage!

I just got a Google calender invite email from Em (for our midwife appointment), we’re organising this pregnancy using cloud technology!  Makes sense to me, after all that is where the storks live isn’t it?

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