Thursday, 27 January 2011

This changes everything...

Written 16th January 2011

Despite sitting up till the wee small hours drinking too much red wine with a friend I still feel really good this morning.  Everything feels different, I’m looking at everything differently, even clich├ęs.  I’ve been under a considerable amount of stain with one of my clients over the last few months - nothing bad, just a huge workload - and while the work still needs to be done I don’t feel as worn down by the prospect of getting it done.

Hell, I’m even looking at our three cats differently.  We’ve always been quite firm that they are cats and not surrogate children, in fact we’ve corrected the vet a few times when he calls us mummy and daddy - THEY’RE CATS!  I swear they know something is up, they’re a bit jumpy today and really affectionate, although that might be because I’ve not fed them yet today...

I’ve been trying to make a fuss of Em, trying to really look after her as best I can, I don’t want her to have to do anything at all.  I know I can be a bit ‘enthusiastic’ when trying to be helpful, so we’ll wait and see how long it lasts before she asks me to cool it!

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