Thursday, 27 January 2011

Fun on the farm

Written 22nd January 2011

While we’re not poor, we’re certainly not wealthy folk so to today we took a trip out to a baby exchange place.  Apparently it’s not somewhere that facilitates the swapping of babies (in the event that nature hands you one you don’t fancy), but rather it is a place that sells second hand baby clothes.

When I heard that this place was on a farm I assumed that it would one of the many exercises in diversification that modern farms have to get to grips with in order to survive, and that we’d be visiting something akin to a jumble sale in a caravan.  I was wrong - Em and I wandered wide-eyed and staring though three large barns that held what must have been thousands upon thousands of items of itty bitty tiny clothing.

So with any luck keeping baby dressed and unfashionable won’t be as damaging to our finances as we first thought.  The highlight of this experience for me was the realisation that there are many bizarre costumes that we can amuse ourselves with when baby is indulging in a day of screaming.  The low point was probably when I went to try on a kid’s Stoomtrooper* helmet and noticed (just in the nick of time) that a kid had apparently sneezed heartily when wearing it at some point a long time ago, although not in a galaxy far far away.

*Star Wars Stoomtrooper of course, what were you thinking?

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